1. CIVE 284 Structural Engineering Basics (4 Credits)

Civil Engineering: Basic principles of statics; force systems; trusses; centroids and second moment of areas; stress and strain; beams; shearing and bending stresses; deflections; combined stresses; columns.

Offered by: Civil Engineering

Restriction: Not open to students who have taken CIVE 205 and CIVE 283.

2. CIVE 416 Geotechnical Engineering (3 Credits)

Civil Engineering: Earth pressure theory, retaining walls, sheet pile walls, braced excavations. Slope stability analysis. 2D flow through isotropic and anisotropic soils. Bearing capacity and settlement of shallow foundations, stress distribution. Deep foundations, single pile, pile groups. Geotechnical investigation and reports.

Offered by: Civil Engineering

Prerequisite: CIVE 311

3. CIVE 460 Matrix Structural Engineering Analysis (3 Credits)

Civil Engineering: Computer structural analysis, direct stiffness applied to two and three dimensional frames and trusses, matrix force method, nonlinear problems, buckling of trusses and frames, introduction to finite element analysis.

Offered by: Civil Engineering

Prerequisite: CIVE 206 and CIVE 317

4. CIVE 683 Adv Foundation Design (4 Credits)

Civil Engineering: Earth retaining structures, retaining walls, braced excavations, tie-back anchors. Buried structures, earth loading, arching, embankment loading. Soft ground tunnelling, ground response to tunnelling, surface settlement prediction. Design of shallow foundations, bearing capacity and settlement. Design of deep foundations, single pile, pile groups, laterally loaded piles.

Offered by: Civil Engineering

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A new professional development course titled "Geotechnical Aspects of Foundation Engineering" will be offered by Prof. Meguid.















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